Last Updated: 2022-12-11

1. Non-Profits/Student-Led Programs

  • Project SHORT matches applicants with mentors in a related field to provide one-to-one mentoring. “One of the goals of Project SHORT is to offer pro-bono mentoring for individuals from diverse and underrepresented populations in STEM.”

  • Application Statement Feedback Program (ASFP): “Our goal is to provide fast, constructive feedback and editing support for the research/personal statements of PhD applicants in psychology, with an emphasis on underrepresented minorities and/or those who are not ‘in the know.’”

  • Psychin’Out has a resource hub of application materials with a slack channel for people at different stages of their careers.

  • An Application Group for applicants interested in eating disorders

2. Universities’ Programs

Some universities have programs for applicants coming from diverse backgrounds. You usually need to apply for them and they would do their best to make the process fair regardless of where you are in your journey. Even if you don’t apply for these programs, their websites usually have information from previous years’ workshops. Personally I attended the first three and they have been helpful and empowering in different ways.

5. How to Write a Diversity Statement

8. Additional Resources for Underrepresented Scholars

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